Creative Coding with Processing.js for Windows 8 JavaScript applications

This series provides an in depth introduction to the principles and practice of creative coding for a Windows 8 JavaScript application, using the Processing.JS library available at

You can follow along with all the course lessons in your own copy of Visual Studio by downloading the Processing.JS Sketchbook used in the tutorials.

Source Code

ProcessingJS Sketchbooks on Codeplex - Open source starter projects for writing full screen apps using ProcessingJS. We've included a ProcessingJS implementation for Windows 8 in both C# and JavaScript and another for Windows Phone. ProcessingJS Template for Windows Phone - Want to write a Windows Phone app in ProcessingJS? Install this template and start as many ProcessingJS Windows Phone projects as you want.

Grab the applications

ProcessingJS for Windows - a micro-IDE in the Windows Store that allows users to write, view and export ProcessingJS sketches.

ProcessingJS Reader for Windows Phone - view your ProcessingJS sketches on your Windows Phone. Share sketches by emailing them or sharing them via NFC. Available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.