Trigonometry for Designers (Don't Panic!)

Play Trigonometry for Designers (Don't Panic!)
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The Discussion

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    Is it possible to bring data from within the Java Script say from a db into Processing?

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    That was perfect refresher, great example and top quality presentation. 

    Many thanks


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    Enjoying the series but have a question - why do you pronounce
    height the way you do (with a 'th' on the end) as opposed to 'hite'?

    I'm curious.

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    LOL. Never even noticed that. I DO always say "width and heigh(th)". Totally understand how that could be annoying. Like hearing people say "nuculer", right? I'll try and work on it Wink

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    Terrific series. I like to see more coverage of the fundamental maths for 2D graphics.

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    Great series.. I would like to see more series.. Thanks for this series..!

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    I totally agree. Enjoyed this alot. Please do another :D

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    Really nice presentation!


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    Nicolas Carlo

    Again, thanks a lot for these videos. One of the best, if not the best, presentations of what the deal is with cos and sin functions.

    Processing comes with a radians() function by the way that helps you convert degrees to radians. And a degrees() function that does the opposite.

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    John Montgomery

    A stimulating tutorial - made me fire up Processing again.
    Much thanks.

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