Agile Service Architecture for the Agile Business

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The second episode is all about how to increase service agility in support of business agility.

An agile service architecture is an extensible and modifiable architecture. New consumers of a service are likely to be added by time. Existing consumers may modify their requirements. When these things happen, it should be easy to extend and modify the service's functionality without disturbing other consumers. In most cases this isn't possible, because the original architecture of the service isn't intentionally agile.

In this episode you'll learn how to create an intentionally business-driven and agile software architecture, an architecture that dramatically will increase your services' extensibility, modifiability, and agility.

You'll also learn how to use agile approaches, such as Kanban and Scrum, to achieve such a software architecture. The result is what every business needs and few businesses get: Software-to-Business Alignment. Which results in increased Business Agility.

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