Architectural Service-Oriented Patterns

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The Discussion

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    That was great.  Elegant and instructive.

    BTW, I am not familiar with the "Enterprise Architect" IDE you used in the video.  A web search turned up a Sparx product, but it didn't appear to be what you were using.  Can you supply a link to yours?


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    Sten Sundblad

    Hi rwwinklwer,

    Thanks for the kudos, I'm glad you liked the episode.

    It is in fact Sparx Enterprise Architecture that we have used for the architectural models in the episode. To be more precise, we used the component and deployment modeling feature of that tool. The version we used is 12.1.1224. A later build, 1228, is now available, but it should look exactly the same.

    For the process modeling we have used the IDEF0 stencil for Microsoft Visio.

    Hope this helps.

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