Taking Advantage of the Microsoft Azure Service Bus Part 2

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Welcome to the fifth episode of the Software Architecture Microsoft Platform mini course. It completes the story that began with episode 4.

Together, these episodes present an architectural pattern that combines the best of two worlds. The world of fast and easy access to query data, and the world of reliable Master Data. Master Data, stored and protected by Information Services.
Episode 4 gave you a first version of a publish and subscribe pattern. A pattern which gives user applications direct and fast access to all the query data it uses. It's a synchronous pattern, so it doesn't use the Azure Service Bus. But it does use reliable Master Data, stored and protected by Information Services.

This episode uses the Microsoft Azure Service Bus. This makes it an asynchronous pattern using command queues, topics and subscriptions.  Introducing the Service Bus to the pattern reduces its complexity.
It relieves your own components of many small and important tasks. Tasks that they had to do in the Episode 4 version.

Tasks that made that version more complex than the one using the Service bus.

The moral of these two episodes goes against what many believe. It's that the Azure Service Bus can reduce complexity in advanced applications.



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