(Module 7) Building Classes and Relationships

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    Around 44 minutes in you mention that singletons are unique within the management pack. It is my understanding that this is actually unique across the entire management group?

    Thank you for some of the most valuable SCOM sessions. I very much appreciate your work.

    best regards


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    I have been watching these excellent videos. I have a few questions please regarding the 'Classed and Relationships' video

    You created a fragment called RollUps in there you created a number of classes and containment relationships. Basically DA Application is going to contain Central and Stores which are both System Groups. Is it true to say?

    1: System Groups are/can be used to contain 'abstract classes' whereas an instant group contains concrete classed (as an instance of said concrete class has to be discovered be become and instance of said class and therefore able to be added to an instance group). is this correct or can instance groups also contain abstract classes?

    2: In the OpsMgr console typically Aggregate Monitors are used for Health Rollup, if I understand the video so far here you are using system groups to later contain one or more instant groups (and possible single instances of a class/s) and because said instance group is contained in the system group the health of the 'members' of these instance groups (and any standalone class instances you might add later) will 'automatically' rollup to the source system group? (once monitors are defined and targets at instances of classes when are in turn contained in these instant groups?

    3: Re the dependency relationships which comes at the end of the video. As far as I understand dependencies are also used for health rollup between classed in a 'non-hosted' relationship but where both instances of said class are managed by the same agent (e.g. not across computers) is that correct please? are dependencies also used for things other than health rollup?

    4: what is the correlation between the RollUp fragment containing the containment relationships and the dependency relationship are is there not correlation?

    I know there are a few question above but it would really help me understand if you can answered them for me please.

    Thank you very much

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