How to Automate Deployment Using Octopus Deploy & VSTS

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This is a deeper dive on how to practically and technically implement automated deployment best practices, as a follow up to the DevOps & Deployment Automation Best Practices DevOps Dimension episode. Damian Brady demonstrates how to integrate Octopus in VSTS to deploy your built application across your environments.

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  • [00:36] How does Octopus Deploy & VSTS work together?
  • [01:31] Demo - How to add Octopus Deploy Build & Release Task extension?
  • [03:49] Demo - How to package your built application?
  • [08:42] Demo - How to create consistency across environments in Octopus?
  • [15:45] Demo - Why roll forward, instead of rolling back?
  • [20:56] Demo - How to use Octopus Deploy with Release Management?
  • [22:50] How to get started?

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