Interesting talk on the private cloud implementation challenges and solutions in a large scale enterprise.

My time bookmarks notes of the video in minute:second approx format follow:

10:20 Common application challenges

10:45 How do you deploy an application into the cloud?

11:14 How are users authenticated?

12:43 What is the solutions for failover / high availability?

13:14 lifecycle & dependencies: scenario for dependencies challenges in getting rid of an operating system 

14:30 Reproduceability

16:10 Commonalities

16:23 finding different solutions for common concerns

19:00 platform approach advantages compared with single applications approach

19:30 applications should focus on business logic and not infrastructure

22:40 platforms at Credit Suisse

26:00 DAP platform (.NET app platform)

31:30 DAP product classes

33:30 DAP Lifecycle Model

39:54 DAP release model

43:40 DAP toolchain model

47:40 DAP tech stack & ecosystem

52:00 DAP process map

54:00 DAP platform governance