The Full Stack, Part 1 - Building the Admin Site with ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet and EF Code First

Play The Full Stack, Part 1 - Building the Admin Site with ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet and EF Code First

The Discussion

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    The audio and video are higher quality starting with the next epidode. We were figuring out some technical details since Jesse and I are roughly 3000 miles apart. Any other comments, suggestions, things you'd like to see?

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    did i miss the part where you changed ID to an auto-incrementing identity and removed it from the 'Create' page?

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    Great initial demo for a starting point.

    Re: Piersh, you may have noticed the extra attribute at the top of the Product class saying to ignore the ProductID field. [Bind(Exclud="ProductID")] They forgot to talk about that.

    The thing I dislike most about demos is the single POCO stuff. If you could run the next one with at least one other foreign entity would be much closer to real world. Or even master/detail where the detail has ID's to another entity.

    Another rarely shown demo is custom login via database not via ASP.NET users.

    One thing that would have been handy to mention is that TryUpdateModel is part of the MVC controller. As at first I was waiting for you to implement the method, but then realised it wasn't erroring on it so it must have been part of the framework.

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    Hi, an above average video.
    Only two critiscms.

    a) The Video Quality (But thats been sorted out)
    b) In your description you mention Pair Programming,
    doesn't that involve one writing tests whilst the others
    programs code to pass the test, and I dont see any tests yet.

    Thanks Again.


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    @Tominator2005: Ok, except for the bizzare tangent into baldness, the colourful bird and washing machine background music and the lack of any design or approach to the problem, especially when Jesse says "what are you doing here?". That's a level 1 tutorial; something quick, easy to copy to make work and doesn't require a lot of thought.

    I think learning and demonstrating should be done like role playing games where you start with very simple level 1 scenarios which get more complicated as the presenter creates each one from scratch. No thought in the design of level 1 or 2, but you must think about 3 and above. If the student has created (from scratch) a good number of levels of applicaitons then they are going to know the stuff. The problem with most tutorials is that they stop a the 1st or 2nd level scenarios or only show advancements in the one scenario that will not apply in other scenarios which unless you are learning for learnings sake, doesn't help when the student has a certain scenario to build.

    I see testing as level 2.

    My question to Jon is, to what level will he go with the tutorials?

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    @Tominator2005, @N2Cheval - Thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely be writing unit tests, and should have talked about that in this episode. We're not going to be tracking products, so I was really just showing the flow and mechanics of a new MVC 3 project doing CRUD operation using EF Code First. We'll nuke that controller and model and rebuild with unit tests, probably in episode 3 or 4. Episode 2 is already recorded, and it covers the Windows Phone UI.

    We are planning to keep building this out to a full working system. File / New Project is kind of by nature a Level 1 topic. Don't worry, this will ramp up as we get the groundwork laid.

    There are different approaches to pair programming - the model in which one writes the test and the other writes the code is effective, and we may try that, but it's a little tricky to pass the keyboard back and forth when we live 3000 miles apart. Step one is covering the basics, and that includes getting me up to speed on Windows Phone developement and getting Jesse up to speed on the server-side / MVC side.

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    Allen Feinberg

    I would love to see the SilverLight application being created for this application. I understand that you're excited about Windows Phone...but I'd really like to see both a SilverLight application and a silverlight windows phone application.
    Thanks for the series...I like the fact that this isn't some canned walkthrough and you're explaining the WHY behind what you're doing for each line of code!

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    That is great

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    where we can download the source code?

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    Hi Jon I do not what to sound negative but will you finish this project, the project you started on the MVC Application Development Music Store stalled on Part 3. I do not blame you as there is no pot of gold at the end of if, in other words no remuneration for finishing the project for a client for example. We are all guilty of this with unfinished projects littering our hard drives. I really enjoyed the first part with a good insight to MVC 3 and Razor, and the banter between you and Jesse was a joy to listen to.

    Look forward to part 2


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    I am somewhat puzzled, who is the target audience for this series: developers new to MVC3, or ones new to MVC? Walkthrough NuPack was nice; Code First example could be interesting, but it was generated and otherwise glossed over. Same withRazor.

    Altogether, some 90% of time was spent on creating views and tinkering with controller. Nothing that Nerd Dinner didn't learn months ago. Hopefully, next episodes will make it clear - if you are new to MVC (then maybe you shouldn't use pre-release software); or if you want to learn new stuff in MVC and EF.

    Thanks and good luck

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    First episode was very good as I'm new to MVC3 and was looking for exactly this type of intro.

    How many episodes can we expect and how often? I'm looking forward to the second episode coming out soon.


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    We hope to post approximately weekly, and I honestly don't know how many episodes.  If the interest remains high, my expectation is that we'll continue these through the entire project.




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    Oct 25, 2010 at 11:45 PM, piersh wrote
    did i miss the part where you changed ID to an auto-incrementing identity and removed it from the 'Create' page?

    I must have missed this too... when did that happen during the video?

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