The Full Stack, Part 10: Accidentally Pair Programming and Writing Unit Tests

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In this episode of The Full Stack, Jesse and Jon continue their reboot of the windows phone client project. Having set up an MVVM application and decided on using a repository pattern on the phone that mirrors the server's repository, Jon throws caution to the wind and gives it a shot.

Some highlights:

  • Moving to the repository pattern breaks the application workflow causes some interesting changes in how state is maintained
  • Jon and Jesse decide it's time to start moving towards separate client and server databases with a sync process
  • Jon writes  a buggy save method and actually decides to write a failing unit test before fixing it
Note: This episode was actually recorded in May and nearly got lost in the shuffle with MIX. We still think it's a good one since it explains where we're going with the client/server data storage, so here it is.



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