The Full Stack, Part 12: Adding photo support to our Windows Phone app - Capture, storage, and display

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We walk through the code we used to add photo support to the WhoIsThat application, including:

  • Using the Camera chooser 
  • Restoring application state after the photo is taken 
  • Decoding and displaying the image 
  • Storing and retrieving the image



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The Discussion

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    I'm really enjoying the series, guys, keep it coming!

    I hope at some point you might be able to go back into a bit more detail on what you did in the big gap- the app moved on a lot there.  Could you spend a few more minutes at some point on the facebook authentication and the viewmodel?

    Other than that, I look forward to seeing you review what it took to get onto the marketplace and your future imp[lementation of Rx on the client.

    Speaking as a learner- I think I learn the best when you are working it out and making mistakes as you go along (as you did in the early episodes) but appreciate it's probably less work for you guys if you build first, then explain.

    Waiting with baited breath for the next installment....

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