The Full Stack, Part 13: Synchronizing the Windows Phone Client with the WCF Service

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In this episode of The Full Stack, Jesse and Jon hook up client-server data synchronization and discuss some interesting problems they run into along the way.


  • Jesse walks through the Windows Phone side, explaining how synchronization works when saving a new contact.
  • Jesse explains how to detect changes in network status, automatically synchronizing contacts added while offline as soon as a network connection is available.
  • Jon reviews the server-side API, shows how the API key is being passed in an HTTP header rather than a querystring argument, and walks through the process of submitting changes to the server.
  • Jon explains some of the interesting challenges he troubleshot on the server, including use of the new WCF ProcessingPipeline, catching WCF service exceptions, and use of Post Tunneling.
  • Jesse shows how to make sure your textbox bindings are updated when working with the Windows Phone Action Bar buttons.
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