The Full Stack, Part 4: Back to the future of the client

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The Discussion

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    I think I get what you are doing and trying to present but as there are no other comments, I might offer some constructive criticism.

    Just like movies and TV series, you don't want to show the mundane activities, just the important and best bits to tell the story. The reason people watch is for something new, interesting and/or entertaining. Showing non-best practice of prototyping high risk scenarios are just part of the boring bits of enterprise application development and not something especially important to learn from.

    While it is good to show that it is part of the process, maybe summarise it to not make it the whole episode.

    I like what you are trying to do, so don't give up. Smiley

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    I've enjoyed watching this video series. Discussing topics developers might have in pair programming sessions is delightfully refreshing, Please keep this series going.

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    I'm really getting a lot out of this series.  Please continue!!

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    This is a terrific help when starting from square one in Windows Phone development.  Thanks!

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