The Full Stack, Part 7: Entity Framework to Phone: The Client Side

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In this episode of The Full Stack, Jon and Jesse complete their "dead simple scenario" showing how to get basic end-to-end communications by hooking up a Windows Phone client to the OData feed they created in the previous episode.

The referenced code is available on both Jon's and Jesse's blogs.



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The Discussion

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    Lars Kemmann

    Enjoying the series!  (Especially the dependency injection w/ Entity Framework - I wasn't sure if that was possible, and it's the biggest reason I've held off on using EF until now.)

    Nitpicker's Corner: Your media download links for this post are not in the standard order, so I ended up (almost) downloading the MP3 or the MP4 instead of the WMV version.  C9 devs, you've gotta get that fixed or I'm going to suffer motor memory loss. Smiley

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    Mehmet Aydin Bahadir

    This is what i want! Thanks a lot :)

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