Six Essential Tips For Async - Introduction

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The Discussion

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    Oh yeah, Lucianis wonderful.

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    Csaba Vegso

    Thanks. No need to dive into an hour long video just to understand the basic concept.

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    Vitor Canova
    Pretty basic but pretty helpful indeed.
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    David Xavier

    There is some audio problems. There is another person talking in the backgrund

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    I do have to compliment Lucian's ability to present.  It's far better than most code-related presentations I wind up needing to watch!

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    DB Austin

    I watched it twice, not because it was a complex concept - (Lucian did a fine job of explaining that (except for the hyper-space referenence is a little hokey) ) but because Lucian has such an interesting presentation voice. I felt like I was listening to a story around the campfire. Good...

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