Six Essential Tips For Async - Introduction

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The Discussion

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    Oh yeah, Lucianis wonderful.

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    Csaba Vegso

    Thanks. No need to dive into an hour long video just to understand the basic concept.

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    Vitor Canova
    Pretty basic but pretty helpful indeed.
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    David Xavier

    There is some audio problems. There is another person talking in the backgrund

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    I do have to compliment Lucian's ability to present.  It's far better than most code-related presentations I wind up needing to watch!

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    DB Austin

    I watched it twice, not because it was a complex concept - (Lucian did a fine job of explaining that (except for the hyper-space referenence is a little hokey) ) but because Lucian has such an interesting presentation voice. I felt like I was listening to a story around the campfire. Good...

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    Very nicely explained.


    Just a question in .net core perspective. 

    On Windows there is a message pump or message loop who cares the asynchronous operations, what else is there in linux and mac. so that .net core async operations are sending their ongoing async operations to.

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    I found Lucian the most knowledgeable on Async programming style in the list of experts I ever came across. His code samples, presentation and knowledge...all top grades, awesome talk!

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