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The Discussion

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    Please more videos from Rob Tabor! Smiley

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    please share sample codes. 

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    Great series. May I ask what software you used to record these screen casts?

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    @ciupaz: Thanks for the vote of confidence!


    @jfa10111: Check out the first video in this series ... I think the code is available from a link on that page.


    @blake: We conversed via email.  Hope that helped.  Smiley

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    Great series Bob! Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon.

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    Thanks Bob. I just finished the whole series of vid's and enjoyed every one. Wish you had an intro to working with DB's in video series.. hint hint ;) ;). Thanks for all your help.

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    @Kieth: @TimK: Thanks and congrats for making it all the way through the entire series!  Hope it helped!

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    I just wanted to say thanks. I am deffinately a beginner at this, I am doing it for myself not for any company. again just wanted to say thanks

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    I too would like to give you thanks for the production of the series.
    I have been looking for a good starting point for a while.

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    Bob you're the Hero.. Excellent teacher

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    Great Series Bob


    Thank you!

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    Great communication skills.

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    Bob, does your website have anymore video series about visual basic that follows up on this one? Maybe going a little more in depth? This series was great!

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    Great Series . . . though I'm not a beginner it was very, very informing. Thanks Bob, keep up the good work.

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    @Tony: Cool, ultimately we're all doing this for ourselves.  That's what keeps it fun and fresh.

    @Forro: Thank you re: "production value" ... once upon a time in 2002, someone from a company we all know and love Smiley commented that the production value made them want to, and I quote, "pull their hair out."  Ouch.  So, from then on, I took my time and always put out my best work.  Glad it shows.

    @eric:  thank you, eric.  I appreciate that compliment.

    @James001: Glad you enjoyed the series!

    @Greg: Thank you, Greg.  I'm passionate about this stuff ... like I said (earlier) it's fun and I want everyone to try it.

    @Mark: hmm.. that's a tough question.  For now, I would say "no" ... I focus on C#.  It's challenging to record all videos in both C# and VB ... HOWEVER so many people ask for it that I have to face the facts that, going forward, I need to do both.  Just keep an eye on me and within the next year or so you should see more VB content on my own site.

    @Greg: Thank you, once in a while experienced folks watch the videos here and say they learned something (or it reinforced it / said it in a different way).  I know that makes all the difference for me, personally -- hearing it from slightly different perspective.

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    Bob the series is amazing! I would like to say it is the best training video I ever had

    Do you have advanced VB2010 training videos? Does has more advanced VB 2010 training? do you recommend any books? I need advanced training in Database programing.

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    @moaneibrahim: Hi, I typically focus on C# because, honestly, it's a lot of work to create two versions of every video.  However, obviously, there's still a market for VB developers so I'll look to add more of that over time.  Best wishes!

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    Bob this series was excellent. I design intense Access dbs so I know VBA but I wanted to go the next step and learn VB so I could code outside of Access and this was an awesome set of videos showing me just how to accomplish that. I feel like I can now dive in and create some apps because of the super directions and expanations you have provided. Even though some of the concepts are similar in VBA a lot of them are foreign so this was perfect in giving me the understanding of the basics so I know how to start off on the right foot.. Thanks you so much for this valuable resource..

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    Great series & thank you so much for taking the time to put itt together. I myself have been using visual studio for just under a year now making Applications/Web pages from off the cuff web examples, books, and logical concepts but have always wanted to understand the visual basic syntax. This series has definitely fill in a lot of self taught code gaps and I couldn't be more pleased. Are there any other series out there that are more advanced. I am currently in a dying profession which is why I starting earning to program? Anyway thanks again for the series.

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    I have just finished the series. Thankyou for your excellent work.
    Your communication and teaching skills are a cut above the rest.
    I was so impressed I became a life member of LearnVisualStudio.NET

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    I have just completed the series and am truly impressed. Thanks so much!

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    Great series sir . very nice teaching r really a excellent teacher .thanks very much

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    Thank you for videos, good job. I wanna ask if you have a course that teached whole thing - from start to an end - of creating some app so then I can proceed myself with my learnign and doing???

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    joe murphy

    Bob - You are DA MAN!!!

    Excellent series, very helpful and entertaining at the same time, your style of instruction is a perfict fit for my learning style and needs!!
    Thanks again, I will be visiting www.LearnVisual soon!

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    Great series, Bob.

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    aziz sallam

    Mr. Bob
    You are my hero i migrate from VFP to VB BY YOUR HELP

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    Awesome series...I have no prior experience in programming and after watching this series and participating things that were very intimidating at first started to "click" and make logical since...any way point being it unlocked my perception of the .net framework enabling me to learn from other resources at a far higher rate and generally rap my head around what was going on......THANKS...BOB....!

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    Learning and practicing along with Bob has been great guess I'll just have to sign up at to get more now that I am addicted Thanks again Bob.

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    Just wanted to acknowledge all the nice compliments from @Rick: @Matthew: @Robert: @Beth: @shashank: @aleksey: @joe murphy: @Ian: @aziz sallam: @Brian: @washerguy1:  I'm glad the series is benefiting so many people.

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    Yunus jamal

    Thanks a lot providing valuable guidance.

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    Buen dia bob gracias por estos aporte que son muy valiosos y la verdad los esoty estudiando mucho, quiero comentarle que yo personalmente quiero hacer todas mis herramientas desde cero y formar mi estructura de progrmacion desde cero con todas las dll y demas controles que pueda necesitar me gustaria que por favor me pueda colaborar como debo empezar o por donde debo hacer las cosas, y que debo tener encuenta a la hora de crear mi propio lenguaje de programacion o mi propia estructura a la hora de crear software.


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    Hieu Nguyen

    Thank you, Bob.
    Are there any other series like this one?

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