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Working with Dates - 13

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    A point to note in this lesson; when converting a literal date, it must be in US format or it will either reject it or incorrectly convert it.
    e.g My birthdate is July 20th and I live in Australia. The way it is written in Australia is #20/07/1951# but this will be rejected by the compiler. If however you enter as #07/20/1951# it correctly displays on the screen using local format (20/07/1951).
    I notice that this is also the case when writing dates in an SQL string.

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    @Kieth: Thank you very much for making that point.  Clearly, I'm speaking purely from a USA perspective, and I apologize.  Bad habit when speaking to a global audience!  Again, sincere thanks for adding that note!

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    Bob-I've been working my way through these videos, and I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for putting this series together.  I wouldn't call myself an "absolute beginner" but instead would say that "I know enough about visual basic to be dangerous".  Thanks for the great review!  Also, I wouldn't worry too much about being around 16,000 days old - the number I calculated based on my birth date was about 22,000.  And I don't feel a day over 16,000!

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