Visual Basic Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners: (07) Branching with the If..Then..Else Decision Statement

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The Discussion

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    This was a fantastic discussion. It was so simple but clear. Loved the tips about refactoring :)

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    Alex Webb


    I am a 24 year old from the UK trying to learn basic VB and C# to pass an upcoming exam.

    I just wanted to give praise to Bob Tabor, and his phenomenal teaching - he is the first teacher I have found that makes consistent sense and takes time to explain every aspect of the lesson. He is light hearted, easy to follow and encouraging, he is a better teacher than the vast majority of my secondary school teachers.

    Bob, from someone who was very close to giving up learning to code due to mountains of terrible "teachers" and individuals who just want to show you how smart they are - thank you, I am only on lesson 7 and this is a huge breath of fresh air. You are the man.


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