Intro to Windows Azure with Scott Hanselman

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    In the past weeks I've been working with ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework and Azure Websites and I was just wishing to be able to debug the azure production website. This is my dream come true, love it!

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    Rob Patterson

    Very cool stuff!  

    Hey... I tried to follow along with this demo, and everything worked for me except stopping at the breakpoint.  My breakpoint became hollow and the tooltip said: "The breakpoint will not currently be hit.  No symbols have been loaded for the document."

    Any idea what might be causing this.  I recorded a quick video of this at


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    @Rob, I think you may have published with Release configuration. Can you publish using Debug. See for more details.


    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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    Rob Patterson


    That was indeed the problem.  On the "Publish Web" dialog there is a "Setting" section that I could enter and selection Configuration="Debug".  I didn't guess that I needed to go there, since the Configuration Manager settings for my application were set to Debug. And unfortunately this step wasn't a step that was shown on the Video.

    But other than that the video was awesome and VStudio 2013 is working great.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    I gotta try this; but my Azure trial has run out. And Azure Tools for Visual Studio Pro won't install. Do I have to upgrade to Ultimate ? Do I have to have everything disappear in 180 days ? That keeps me from trying. But I got to try to make a web site stub in an hour; that demo looked really cool. I'm going to get another Azure demo account and try again. VS2013 works greatand I love the break and re-compile. I need to demo a stack of web conceptsand this looks like the fastest way to get started.


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    Hi there
    Help me to get an azure account
    I live in iran and I can't sign-up for Azure from my contry
    my country name is not in the list of sign-up page
    to get and verify code to complete to sign-up form

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    Thank u!

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