Intro to Windows Azure with Scott Hanselman

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Get started with Windows Azure in less than five minutes. Watch as Scott Hanselman demonstrates how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage an ASP.NET web site on Windows Azure, all from within Visual Studio.

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    In the past weeks I've been working with ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework and Azure Websites and I was just wishing to be able to debug the azure production website. This is my dream come true, love it!

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    Rob Patterson

    Very cool stuff!  

    Hey... I tried to follow along with this demo, and everything worked for me except stopping at the breakpoint.  My breakpoint became hollow and the tooltip said: "The breakpoint will not currently be hit.  No symbols have been loaded for the document."

    Any idea what might be causing this.  I recorded a quick video of this at


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    @Rob, I think you may have published with Release configuration. Can you publish using Debug. See for more details.


    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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    Rob Patterson


    That was indeed the problem.  On the "Publish Web" dialog there is a "Setting" section that I could enter and selection Configuration="Debug".  I didn't guess that I needed to go there, since the Configuration Manager settings for my application were set to Debug. And unfortunately this step wasn't a step that was shown on the Video.

    But other than that the video was awesome and VStudio 2013 is working great.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    I gotta try this; but my Azure trial has run out. And Azure Tools for Visual Studio Pro won't install. Do I have to upgrade to Ultimate ? Do I have to have everything disappear in 180 days ? That keeps me from trying. But I got to try to make a web site stub in an hour; that demo looked really cool. I'm going to get another Azure demo account and try again. VS2013 works greatand I love the break and re-compile. I need to demo a stack of web conceptsand this looks like the fastest way to get started.


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    Hi there
    Help me to get an azure account
    I live in iran and I can't sign-up for Azure from my contry
    my country name is not in the list of sign-up page
    to get and verify code to complete to sign-up form

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    Thank u!

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