Improve unit testing workflow with these Test Explorer improvements

Play Improve unit testing workflow with these Test Explorer improvements

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    We have thousands of unit tests that were created before VS 2012.  If we would have had the traits capability we probably would have used it.  Instead, we relied upon grouping our tests in namespaces that match the namespace of the API they're testing.  What we really need in the Test Explorer is the ability to group by Namespace.  Class is nice but too fine grained for us as we typically have dozens of associated test classes within a single test namespace.  If we could group by Namespace we could more easily test just the part of our API implementation that has changed (due to bug fix or new feature).

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    Understood. One thing you might consider is spending a little time doing some text editor magic and decorating with the attributes based on namespace.

    You could do big "replace in file" operations that would get your attributes in place, then you have the best of both worlds!


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    Elizabeth Saady

    I have downloaded this because my computer told me I needed it to play a game that I really enjoy. I am a computer dummy and don't understand what this is nor what it is suppose to do.

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