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    Ravi Kumar BN

    Any Risk Mgmt features available ?

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    You are certainly able to track risks using our working tracking system. Depending on which process you choose, we might call them Risks, Issues, or Impediments.

    If you are looking for advance Risk management tooling, such as defined by PMI/PMBOK, we don't have tooling for that. However, many of our customers use our advanced Excel integration to create risk management Excel workbooks, which pull/push data directly to/from Team Foundation Server, while letting Excel do the work of risk impact/exposure calculation.

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    Ahmad Naveed

    This is pretty cool, however, not new invention as the tasks/bug tracking system has already been done by others, software like OnTime is doing exactly that ALREADY. Having that said, it is still a good package.

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    Many of the VS2012 videos in this series make an assumption, in my opinion, that a potentially brand-new user knows how to bring up the first screen in use as the video begins.  Why not take a few seconds up front to pull back and say - "here's what we're going to talk about; here's the mouse clicks you need to do to get to this screen I'm about to start demoing for you"?

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