Easily testing user interfaces with Coded UI tests

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This short video shows how to create programmatic user interface tests easily and reliably in Visual Studio.

Video available in: Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Czech French German Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Spanish Turkish

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The Discussion

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    This is a new video.  Why isn't it compatible with IE10 Metro?

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    @Suave: The creators of this video chose not to create any of the formats needed for HTML 5 video because they felt the quality of the screen capture was degraded. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this video can only really be watched in either Desktop IE with Silverlight or by clicking the WMV link to the right side of the video player.

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    Can this interface be used for testing C# Web Forms? I know MVC is a testing beast, but for those Web Forms folks out there, it seems we all have our own methods for testing. I'd love to leverage a tool like this for Web Forms.

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    This is great, but can those tests be run in a CI environment such as Jenkins?

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    This is an awesome feature that I was unaware of until now. Great work! 

    For many years I've used AutoIT for my interface testing, and it worked very well, however this method provides so much more info when it fails. 

    I'll be rushing to test this one out soon.

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    @jcronkhite: Coded UI test does not declare support C# web forms as per the support configurations here https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd380742.aspx

    But since we have support for ASP .Net controls, it is worth trying out. We will be eager to hear back from you on this.

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    @JeremyCMorgan: Thanks for the positive remarks. We will look for further feedback from you once you use Coded UI Test in real-life projects

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    Riyas Ahamed

    This is great to watch and very useful for Testers with respect to automation

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