Multi-tasking with My Work

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This short video shows how to use My Work to suspend and resume multiple tasks efficiently in Visual Studio

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The Discussion

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    Looks very helpful. So if I make changes in My Work they are stored in the TFS database. And I have access to them not only from local machine but whenever I connect to my workspace I can observe them. Am I right?

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    that is correct @Ivan. When you suspend your work in progress a shelveset is created that is stored in TFS. When you resume suspended work the shelveset is removed. This means you can suspend on one machine and resume on another.

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    This feature is really helpful given the effort involved in setting up an environment to perform server side debugging and suddenly some priority stuff comes in from the customer! This is awesome, really of great help.

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    So is this only for TFS 2012?  I do not see the My Work feature in Team explorer panel.

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    @jlambert: Yes, MyWork relies on new functionality in TFS 2012 to remotely store your shelved work. If the solution you are working with is not added to the TFS source control then MyWork will not be enabled.

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    Am I can to suspend work without leaving a message on comments to work item that I have suspended? It's really annoying!

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