Improving quality with unit tests and fakes

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    Are there any blogs or tutorials that describe using Fakes in more depth in VS 2012 Ultimate?

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    I recently ran across this from Tech Ed.

    May want to jump to 39 minutes to get the good stuff.

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    WTH? "Note: Fakes is available only in Utlimate edition." Don't you think you should change the title here, rather than rely on that little disclaimer?

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    Patrick MSFT

    Isolating Code under Test with Microsoft Fakes
    in the MSDN Library gives the details

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    hi .Pleas make up and finsh enginering that have More Help also need ..thanking you friends ...

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    Title is VERY misleading since Fakes is only available in the Ultimate edition

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    @GaryBushey: Thanks for the feedback - the Title has been updated to avoid the confusion.

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    opening thread

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    I don't understand that why code coverage is analyzing unit test assemblies,
    as you can see also in linked video.
    I think it make sense to check coverage for production code but not for
    the unit test assemblies,
    Please tell us if this is a bug in VS2013 or some other reason.

    I found about runsettings but switching from testsettings would
    ignore testsettings' deployment (where i can specify test data
    files and directories to deploy in addition to the target assemblies).
    ExcludeFromCodeCoverage attribute would be nice for new projects
    but what about projects migrating from VS2010
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    There are fakes in VS 2013 Premium.

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    Note that you need Update 2 or above and then to have Fakes in VS 2013 Premium.



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    can change file dll to source file plz help me

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