Debug visually with Code Map debugger integration

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This short video introduces Code Map debugger integration, a new feature for debugging complex code in C#, VB, C++, JavaScript, and other languages without getting lost.

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The Discussion

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    Nice, but too expensive ;-)

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    I have a website project in vb and i am not able to see 'Code Map' context menu option in .vb or .js files.
    Is something wrong with my VS configuration or is this feature to available with website projects.

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    Great feature for dealing with bugs in large code bases, and also for understanding architectures on-the-go.

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    1. ti amo per siempre
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    Marius Bancila

    Why do you say it is working for C++? Not in VS2013 RTM!

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    This is a game changer. I'll put up with the washed out colors and poorly contrasted controls in VS2013 simply because of this tool. Useful for mind-mapping workflow scenarios and cross training other developers to pick up someone else's code.

    Do not like the fact that when you move the elements of the diagram around the changes are lost.

    Also, it it seems that if you save the diagram to the solution, that diagram is used again. You don't get a fresh start, you have to put up with the existing method calls, even though you do not want to see them..  

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