Building JavaScript apps with Angular

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    Very Concise and to the point, I like it.

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    What template did you start with?  Is there another video where you set up the project?

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    Angular is an extremely popular JavaScript library used by developers to build web and mobile client apps. Visual Studio 2015 improves the HTML and JavaScript editors to help developers building with Angular, and many other libraries. In this video, I'll show you how to build a simple Angular app, showcasing new features in Visual Studio as I go.

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    Joe V

    How did you build the json file?

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    Joe V

    Great introductory for Angular. I do need the .app.js and other js files mentioned in the reference _js? Can you provide the source code? Thanks

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    Good Evening,
    in my case, the variavel $http not work, I tried of various forms however not work.

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    This is AngularJS... not Angular... Should make the distinction now that there is a clear difference between the two.

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    Enjoyed the video!

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    @Asheq, check the facts before you post something trying to be a smart a**.

    This video was posted on April 29th, 2015. Here is some info for you:

    Angular 2.0 was announced at the ng-Europe conference 22-23. October 2014. The drastic changes in the 2.0 version created considerable controversy among developers. On April 30, 2015, the Angular developers announced that Angular 2 moved from Alpha to Developer Preview. Angular 2 moved to Beta in December 2015, and the first release candidate was published in May 2016. The final version was released on September 14, 2016.

    Not taking any sides here, just saying...

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    Anyone watching this in 2019?

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    Yes Don I am watching it in 2020, AngularJS was awesome I so wished they had continued with it or did they? still haven't bothered with Angular2 I just liked it for adding things to web pages without the hassle of building a big app... It was kind of cool....

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    Karen Worth

    Thank you!
    Coming to this from vb & without any formal training routine with the directive to create plugins for umbraco sites and forms etc (which rely heavily on angularJS) has been really hard and frustrating. By that I mean knowing where to start, trying to find tutorials and design a self-training routine from a mess of online resource projects all targeting different frameworks where the projects actually function at the end of the lab, rather than leaving one perplexed as to why they aren't working when you've quadruple checked and rewritten the code so you know it's exactly the same as the tutorial etc. etc)
    But this tutorial is clear, concise and, apart from a few pathway reference tweaks and where to find the angular files etc to set the project up in the first instance ( BTW for anyone in the same boat), so this has been wonderfully demystifying and a joy to follow through.
    So again thank you!

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