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    when u guys will upload course vedios for C# 6.0 and .net 2015 for beginners ??

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    Hmm.. Very fast speaking. For non-English users (like me) very hard to understand of speech.

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    On the other hand, I liked this fast version.
    C# 6 in under 8 minutes, so I could see it immediately.

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    fantasy,but i cannot understand what he say (~ ̄▽ ̄)→))* ̄▽ ̄*)o

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    "In current C#, auto properties must have setters".

    That's not true. I guess you might be talking about the code generated by the compiler that now is different (?)

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    Secret V

    Brilliant stuff. I really like the new read-only properties and the ?. operator (been waiting for that one for a while now!)!

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    I'm not a native English speaker and I understood every word he said.

    By the way, the ?. operator seems not to work in VS2015 RTM.

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    Load up VS2013 and try the following: object test { get; }
    You will get a compile time error stating that auto properties must define both get and set accessors.

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    Brilliant simplifications!!

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    Good job, but I didn't get the puprose of "when" in "catch", can anyone exlain that?

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    Aryan Mann

    Oh god the null conditional operator is one of those things that I wouldn't be able to live without now.

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    hugues tamo

    Oh my god is really cool

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    Great improvements! Love it!

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    Download instructions do not work in Edge - there is no "Save as..." option.

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    Jasmin Akther Suma

    Liked it too much...very fast presentation of some excellent good features...coding is being fun day by day using c#...love it...:-)

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    Thank you so much. God bless ...

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    what do you say?

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    why not Chinese video?

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    Excellent additions to C# and very clear presentation style. String interpolation and null coalescing operator are highlights for me.

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    Fast, concise, to the point, excellent coverage.

    Chuckled at the Elvis comment ;)


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    I'm pretty sure the "Elvis operator" is this one ?:

    Great video, otherwise!

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    I love C#! What an elegant language. It has a inherent beauty in it that no other computer language comes close to match. It's so nice when you look at your code and it feels good, Unlike C++, where everything looks cryptic and esoteric, or Java, which is horribly verbose. Looking at endless streams of lines of code for hours unending is much more pleasant when they are in C#.

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    Epic HeHe

    I love C#!

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    Was wondering of a function such as....
    Say there is 6 controls and you want to set all there text values to blank. Would it be possible to add a function like..
    Control1,Control2,Control3,Control4,Control5.Text = "";

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    eduardo padilla

    I disagree with the direction the language is taking. You are creating a sub-language to replace boiler plate patterns. Why you guys don't use a text replacement mechanism (Called Macros...as in the Macro Assemblers) to do all this new obfuscation stuff that you guys added to C# 6?

    The text replacement mechanism could be used in all the computer languages, even word, excel, any editor... Please, let us feel that we don't have to re-learn, and re-learn, and re-learn, every time you guys make a new release. Please stop the brick level enhancements, and give us house-level or building-level enhancements that are practical, yes practical and useful, and would save us time and costs in the implementation of in our applications.

    I posted this comment in the VS thread:

    In the assembler days, there was the Macro Assembler. Macros were used as an in-line text replacement mechanism that would replace several lines of assembly code, into a single macro line. You created your macro libraries and, instead of writing large number of cryptic lines of assembly code, you would use macros to replace those lines.
    The benefit was great, your code became clear, safe and COMPACT; your code writing efficiency was multiplied; your errors were reduced; your file sizes were reduced, simple to read. Instead of seeing, for example, 100 lines of cryptic source code, you would see a couple of macro lines.

    Note: The macro concept described above offered a large number of text replacement mechanisms.

    Macros for automating the GUI are good, but not as good as macros for code text replacement. Why this extremely useful text replacing mechanism
    is not available as part of HTML, Javascript, XAML? or any of the languages, c# VB.NET? You guys have the resources to do that.
    Text replacement macros would be one of the best tools Visual Studio could offer to the software engineering community.

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    I love C#, but C# supports a difficult to use and an error-prone Concurrency model. The await and thread synchronization are not the right idea. It looks simple, but it isn't simple to use. The C# development team should have a look at the Waza concurrency model. This is so much better. It provides *true* concurrency that will make parallel programming in C# much simpler. Waza is based on a excellent formal foundation (mathematics/CSP). The semantis are clean and correct. This allows you to model-check your applications to find pathological problems, such as deadlocks, livelocks, race conditions and incomplete exception paths. These problems are hard to find with testing. Waza can be found at www.wazalogic.com.

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    Why "onChange?.Invoke(...)"?
    Why not "onChange?(...)"?

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    For non-native English speakers, you can click on the Settings icon in the video and slow down the playback speed. His voice is still very clear, just a bit slower!

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    Ok, turn c# to perl#...
    Dislike it.

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    Good job on copying other languages again, but I love you C#

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    @alevykh:You can play slower, Is what i did for some pecies.

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    you guys should add an option for uploading subtitles for English and other languages, i would gladly contribute.

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    In VS 2015 I can't even get C # to run correctly while building a website since update 3. I place objects/controls on .ASPX page when I go to the codefile all the controls are grayed out from the pick list.  When I select a grayed out control I get a message definition of object is hidden.  VB.NET works fine what the heck happened with update 3 did something change in C# 6 that caused this.  I have tried to reinstall and removing all associated files with a fresh build. Nothing I can find works on line does this for any C# project.  

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    English being my native tongue, I enjoyed this short, concise presentation very much.  Thank you very much.

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