Visual Studio 2017: Linux Development with C++

Play Visual Studio 2017: Linux Development with C++

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    J Ahern

    Dmitry Lyalin,

    I'm glad I found this video and the one prior unicorn application you have a brief video on. What i am wondering is if the UWP (universal windows platform) can achieve the same linux development capabilities as using the Linux Development approach you outline above for VS2017. I'm trying to determine the viability of building a basic group policy application that would deploy from a Windows Server 2016 application and provide real time policy updates on windows and linux workstations. I've been reading this is akin of Intune or System Center, but those two system approaches seem much more complicated than simply trying to leverage UWP. Can you provide some light on the issue?

    -J Ahern.

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    Maciej Oblaza

    Hello! How to configure Visual Studio 2017 RC for debugging - debugger can't found stl_vector.h. How to fix this ? Thank You for answer.

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