ALM Rangers solutions: real world testimonial

Play ALM Rangers solutions: real world testimonial

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    Oscar Garcia Colon

    First I would like to say "THANK YOU!" to the great ALM Rangers family and our solutions, this has been a great experience! I would like to also recognize the following students:

    Leonel Cordon, Pablo Aguilar, Brian Reyes, Diego Alvarado, Pablo Armas, Emmanuel Buch, Jose Dominguez, Rodolfo Donis, Oscar Escobar, Mario Flores, Silvia Hernandez, Rene Lopez, Lius Mencos, Luis Morales, Carlos Morales, Angel Perez, Erika Portillo, Dr. Edy Pu (we call him the doctor), Fernando Saravia, Karen Liska, Willy Castillo among many others that helped through time making this happened.

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