Project Demo - Migration of RM assets from RM server to TFS

Play Project Demo - Migration of RM assets from RM server to TFS

The Discussion

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    Just happened upon this Video and I am so happy I did.

    We never did make the move from Agent based deployments and actually I'm a big fan of them.

    Re-creating some of our more complex pipelines would have been very time consuming so I'm thrilled that there are tools to make this an easier process.

    - Fergal


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    Just tried out the tool on one of our more complex deployments with a whole bunch of steps and it seems to have worked perfectly.

    When the next release of TFS comes out I know it will have RM included as part of TFS itself.

    If we don't have all our deployment pipelines converted over to Powershell can we still use a separate RM server for agent based deployments and slowly transition to Powershell and the new version of Release Management. So I guess the question is, will I be able to use both RM servers for a time while I use this tool to migrate? Im wondering do I need to wait on upgrading the TFS Server until I have switched over to PS but Im hoping I don't have to.


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