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In this special show, we have Brian Harry in the studio, who gets interviewed by some of the MVP ALM Rangers during the MVP Summit. We have Etienne Tremblay, Mathias Olausson and Vladimir Gusarov who stop by the studio and ask some burning questions.

This month we cover:

[00:17] - Quick intro.
[01:05] - Etienne: How do MVPs help the direction of the product?
[02:43] - Etienne: Comparing the interaction between customers and MVPs.
[03:46] - Etienne: What sparked you to create Visual Source Safe and thoughts on the evolution of version control?

[08:55] - Mathias:
How has the DevOps trend changed the way you work at Microsoft today?
[10:56] - Mathias: How do you see the extensibility model fit into the DevOps story?
[13:49] - Vladimir: What is your vison for evolving testing and lab management as it is getting less attention?
[20:20] - Vladimir: Great to see the 3 week release cadence with release notes, but why haven't you put that great internal expertise in release tracking into the product?
[23:38] - Brian's closing remarks on the ALM Rangers.

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Brian Harry:

Etienne Tremblay:

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