Monthly Catch-up: S80 with special co-host Keith Bankston

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In this show, we go take a look at the current and future sprints. We also talk to Keith Bankston, where we discuss the fundamentals of DSC and how you can get started with it.

This month we cover:

[00:23] - Looking back in S80
[01:34] - More about Keith's role and focus.
[02:20] - Create quality PowerShell DSC resources for DevOps and ALM practitioners.
[03:56] - Keith's passion for DSC.
[05:53] - How to begin with DSC.
[08:57] - Windows 10 & DSC resources in GitHub.
[11:02] - Keith from the outside.

References to start with DSC:

PowerShell Gallery: the central repository for Windows PowerShell content.
PowerShell DSC Resource Kit: TechNet Gallery of DSC resource kits with samples, code and documentation.
DSC Blog series by Micheal Greene: Part 1 contains a range of training resources to get started with DSC and PowerShell.

 Blog: Willy's Reflections - Visual Studio ALM Rangers



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