RangersTalk - Q&A with Jeff Beehler & Sam Guckenheimer

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Take a look at what two pivotal icons, Jeff Beehler and Sam Guckenheimer, are currently thinking about the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. This was a live Lync meeting with the Visual Studio ALM Rangers on the call. Leave your questions and comments below, and we will pass these on...

 We cover:

[00:33] - Introductions with Jeff
[01:39] - Introductions with Sam
[02:16] - Jeff's 3 q's: Can the ALM Rangers get earlier access to new bits to improve dogfooding? Are the ALM Rangers meeting Jeff's expectations? Top 3 that Jeff would like to see from the ALM Rangers.
[12:01] - Being human
[15:15] - Sam's 3 q's: Are the ALM Rangers meeting Sam's expectations? How does the product group see the value of the ALM Rangers? What one thing would Sam like to change on what or how the ALM Rangers deliver projects that would significantly increase the adoption of Microsoft's Developers Tools?

Live questions from the ALM Rangers...

[18:43] - Is Microsoft willing to lose customers who don't wish to move to the cloud?
[20:35] - Thinking of DevOps, when can expect shorter release cycles for TFS On-Prem?
[21:17] - From DevOps perspective, which direction will we go with Project Unicorn?
[24:30] - How much non-Windows support will we get in the ALM area?
[27:34] - Should we focus more on Azure since there are no Azure Rangers?
[31:56] - Why the big push to Git instead of TFVC? Is TFVC dead? There is confusion in the enterprise space and the fear of TFVC being deprecated?
[33:29] - Random off-track funny question.
[34:51] - TFS 2005 to 2015, 10 years, will you celebrate and can we join the party?

[35:31] - Feedback.
[38:05] - Thanks to the Rangers.



The Discussion

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    Thanks for the session Sam and Jeff! Nice to hear some positive feedback from you guys.

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    Brian Blackman

    Entertaining and learned some new foodie dishes. BTW, I am not the Brian referred to the video. Excellent to hear from two distinguished leaders in Microsoft in an open and informal way and hear their support for the ALM Rangers.

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    Very informative. Love the clarity regarding how the ALM Rangers can provide more meaningful contribution and field feedback to our PG bretheren.Always like to hear what's on these two's minds. 

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    Hassan Fadili

    Thanks Anisha, Sam and Jeff for the great and interactive session! It was amazing to get Sam and Jeff at one table to share their experiences at Microsoft and ALM Rangers Initiatives. I was very happy and impressed to have joined them live and know more about those guys.

    You guys ROCKs.

    Hassan Fadili
    ALM Ranger

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    Thanks Jeff and Sam for the support you provide to the ALM Rangers program.


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