RangersTalk - Q&A with Jeff Beehler & Sam Guckenheimer

Play RangersTalk - Q&A with Jeff Beehler & Sam Guckenheimer

The Discussion

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    Thanks for the session Sam and Jeff! Nice to hear some positive feedback from you guys.

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    Brian Blackman

    Entertaining and learned some new foodie dishes. BTW, I am not the Brian referred to the video. Excellent to hear from two distinguished leaders in Microsoft in an open and informal way and hear their support for the ALM Rangers.

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    Very informative. Love the clarity regarding how the ALM Rangers can provide more meaningful contribution and field feedback to our PG bretheren.Always like to hear what's on these two's minds. 

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    Hassan Fadili

    Thanks Anisha, Sam and Jeff for the great and interactive session! It was amazing to get Sam and Jeff at one table to share their experiences at Microsoft and ALM Rangers Initiatives. I was very happy and impressed to have joined them live and know more about those guys.

    You guys ROCKs.

    Hassan Fadili
    ALM Ranger

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    Thanks Jeff and Sam for the support you provide to the ALM Rangers program.


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