13. From JavaScript to TypeScript

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Updated to VS Code 1.0!!!

Today, JavaScript is so popular and it's possible to find lots of projects that contain hundreds thousands lines of JavaScript code. Using JavaScript you can create web sites, Windows applications and server side services. But in case of really large projects it's not easy to support the existing code. Compared to C#, C++ and Java, JavaScript lacks static typing, classes and interfaces that don't allow common IDEs to provide richer environment.

That's why many developers prefer to use supersets of JavaScript like TypeScript, CoffeeScript or Dart (not superset but supports compilation to JS).

I would recommend to use TypeScript which is "native" for Visual Studio Code and is supported by Visual Studio, Eclipse, WebStorm and so on. As I mentioned earlier, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that brings classes, generics, interfaces and allows to combine TypeScript code and JavaScript code together. Thanks to TypeScript compiler you can easily compile TypeScript code to JavaScript, so you can use it anywhere you can use JavaScript.



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