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    I was going to say that I'm impressed. But the correct phrase is: I'm amazed. This is indeed awesome and to be frank: kind of intimidating. I'll never be able to keep up with the pace of innovation.

    Great job.

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    It's all great, but there is no "Express" version for VS Online Basic to match the free desktop Express IDE. The Pro version is introduced at $22/mth, and that's headed to $45/mth. The cost of using this IDE will be $540 per year. That's a high hurdle for poor devs, students, and new programmers. I wish you would add code analysis and other desktop Pro features to this IDE, leave the Pro price in place to cover those features, and make the current Monaco IDE the "Express" version for VS Online Basic accounts and sell it for something like $10/month. I want to use Monaco, but there is no way that I'm going to spend $540/year for it ... ever!

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    Hi SellRex,

    You are not required to have a VS Online subscription to start using Monaco.  At this time, Monaco actually comes for "free" as a site extension on Windows Azure Web Sites.  I say "free" because not all sites you have will be in free mode, i.e. Shared, Standard. 

    Hope that helps.


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