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Benjamin Pasero does a quick walkthrough on how to use node.js and express on your Windows Azure Web Site using Visual Studio Online "Monaco"



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The Discussion

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    This is good!

    A new starter on node/express can't see this and work out, since source-code is not provided. How to create that express app on root?

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    >How to create that express app on root?
    1) Switch to the git viewlet and clone the following git repository:
    2)Switch to the console and run
    npm install
    3) Select the Run action

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    Where do I find node.d.ts?

    I found it: Bu this is not for the last version of Node. But I don't know if this is a problem.


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    @dag I suggest to check out the Definitely Typed project. It is a great source for TypeScript type definitions for libraries. Among many others there are type definitions for node, express, etc. Here is the node:


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    Is there some documentation on that intellisense in javascript files from *.d.ts files feature? Like can the path to the *.d.ts files be something other than "/.references"? Also, it appears that the definition files need to be direct children of that folder and can't be in subfolders within it.

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    @stevebak: The .references-folder is just a shorthand for not having to include references in all files. Still, you are free to additionally or only use ///-references in your files, e.g. /// <reference path="node.d.ts" />; those paths are always resolved relative to the file they are in.

    Also, please note that with the next release of VSO Monaco we will support _references.ts files, instead of the .references-folder. These files are supposed to have ///-references only and are automatically added as dependency to sibling and descendent files.

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    @jrieken:Thanks! (and sorry for this late reply)

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