Using LESS in node.js

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Benjamin Pasero does a quick walkthrough on how to use LESS in a node.js Windows Azure Web Site using Visual Studio Online "Monaco"



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The Discussion

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    Pete Miller

    This is great. But what about sass? And also what about automatically watching for file changes and recompiling?

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    Hi Pete -

    We are looking at providing SASS support in the future.  We don't do automatic compilation on file changes because that will use the CPU. Monaco is running in your site, so whatever resources you use in Monaco count against your quota limits for the site.  


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    Pete Miller

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for replying. I guess that may be fine for the use case where you just want to use Monaco to make quick edits. But I can easily see the potential for using Monaco and an Azure space as a dev / des environment, at least for some team members. From my point of view that is neccessary today for inter-disciplined web teams like mine. So I think the tool should have the option for background processes, or custom scripts that fire on save. That would allow for an extremely flexible future for Monaco.


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    Pete Miller

    ...needless to say I would of course expect to pay for resource utilisation, but that it would be setup as a dev environment 'site' rather than running direct from a production instance. In fact I would expect to have several of these Monaco sites running for various team members. The fact that it has source-control built in means that should be a no brainer.

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