Why should I assign Visual Studio Subscriptions?

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As a Visual Studio Subscriptions administrator, it's your responsibility to make sure your organization is taking advantage of all the benefits that Visual Studio Subscriptions has to offer.  If your organization has Enterprise subscriptions, your developers have access to benefits including unlimited accounts for Visual Studio Team Services, $150 in Azure monthly credits, access to the entire Pluralsight course library, and of course access to the IDE among many others.  What does this mean? Subscribers can further their developer education, by enrolling in Pluralsight courses such as Developing with .Net on Azure and applying what they've learned by leveraging the $150 Azure credit to sign up and use Azure. From there, they can collaborate with their team, sharing code and managing bugs in VSTS and continue coding using the IDE.  All of the benefits connected together provide a valuable offering, and as the administrator, you can help them get started on this journey.  

We've done a few things in the Visual Studio Subscriptions administration portal to make this easier for you and your subscribers.  

If you're looking to further control how your subscribers leverage Microsoft software for dev/test, that's ok. We've provided the option for disabling downloads, so your developers can still use their benefits, while not accessing downloads.  

However, by allowing software download access, you unlock the potential for your subscribers by providing them with greater access to software and services to further enhance their skills and their development process . And it gets even easier. Subscribers simply need to sign in using the email address that you used for their "sign-in email" and log onto my.visualstudio.com. There is no longer an activation step, and access is immediate.  

So get out there, assign subscriptions and unlock your team's potential!



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