Creating your first Hello World app with Tools for Apache Cordova

Play Creating your first Hello World app with Tools for Apache Cordova
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Build Apache Codova apps using Visual Studio that run on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone using a single project based on HTML and JavaScript.

This video gets you started with a short overview of our tooling and features.

For more information visit: Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova on



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The Discussion

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    Rahul Gupta

    I am running windows 8.1 Professional and using visual studio 2013 community addition. I am not able to install Tools for Apache Cordova. It gives me error for Windows Manager Framework 3.0 and I am not able to install it on windows 8.1 too. What to do?

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    Thanks for the awesome post. I was into web from the very start and always wondered If it is possible to create android apps using HTML and CSS. After month of research, hard work and help from posts like this. I was able to create an android app using cordova and published it to the google play.
    Take a Look Root Checker & wiki -

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    @Tushar: that is really great, thank you for sharing and good luck with all your apps!

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