Using Karma and Jasmine To Test Apache Cordova Apps in Visual Studio 2015

Play Using Karma and Jasmine To Test Apache Cordova Apps in Visual Studio 2015
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In this short video, we will walk through unit testing a simple Apache Cordova application in Visual Studio 2015 using Karma and Jasmine. Along the way, we'll cover how to work with some cool new features such as the Visual Studio Task Runner Explorer that make unit testing your apps inside Visual Studio really simple.



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The Discussion

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    Kulwinder Kaur

    Very good and helpful post. But what if we want to run test in visual studio output windows only and not on browser.

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    I have followed the video step by step but when the chrome web client has been showed an error occurs:

    07 10 2015 20:58:23.315:WARN [karma]: No captured browser, open http://localhost:9876/
    07 10 2015 20:58:23.317:INFO [karma]: Karma v0.13.10 server started at http://localhost:9876/
    07 10 2015 20:58:23.323:INFO [launcher]: Starting browser Chrome
    07 10 2015 20:58:24.797:INFO [Chrome 45.0.2454 (Windows 10 0.0.0)]: Connected on socket b6gskXF6VGWw9DJZAAAA with id 32238496
    Chrome 45.0.2454 (Windows 10 0.0.0) ERROR
    You need to include some adapter that implements __karma__.start method!

    Do I need to install some test adapter?

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    is there a way to test my "cordova"-Application inside an emulator?
    Let´s say I have the android plattform and run this inside an android emulator.
    I want to run my karma tests inside this emulator to see if my tests will also succeed on the deployment plattform.

    By default emulation would work via command: cordova emulate android - but how do I start karma inside the emulation?

    Any tipps on that?


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