The Visual Studio Documentary: Anders Hejlsberg full length interview

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The Discussion

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    Saving the best till last? I've really been looking forward to seeing this! Smiley

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    super awsome Smiley

    anyone else getting choppy sound in the high wmv version? regular wmv works fine though Smiley

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    I know how you feel about learning to become a team player.  It hurts watching someone build on your own code especially the trivual things like calling a variable one name when you'd have given it another it makes you wonder what else they could be doing wrong.

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    Very good video.


    I would have liked to have heard Anders speculate on where we would be if Sun hadn't been so foolish as to drive Microsoft out of Java tool development.  But perhaps this lawsuit, while petulant and pointless, turned out to give us something far better.

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