The Visual Studio Documentary: Dan Fernandez Full Length Interview

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The Visual Studio Documentary Part One and Part Two.
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Dan Fernandez is a Director in the Developer and Platform Evangelism team at Microsoft.  Dan has been with Microsoft since July 2001, working in multiple roles including the Lead Product Manager for Visual Studio Express and Microsoft Popfly, the Visual C# Product Manager, and as a Developer Evangelist in the Mid-Atlantic district. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked as a developer at several consulting firms including IBM Global Services specializing in web-based and mobile application development. You can read more about Dan on his blog at



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The Discussion

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    When's the next volume of Coding for Fun due out Dan? Really enjoyed the first.

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    Thanks for the feedback!


    We don't have any plans right now for a sequel, but I'm sure we'll over-promote it when we do Smiley

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    Dan ( and Brian ) are probably doing more to sell Microsoft to programmers than anyone else in their company.  I don't think I have missed one of their shows, ever.


    Contrast the simplicity of VB6 and the first version of .NET that Dan talks about with things like WPF, binding, LINQ, dependency properties, expression trees, and functional programming today. I think a strong case can be made for the need of a .Simple framework and C-Simple programming language.



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    Oktay Bahceci

    Whoa, Dan is a really good speaker, I was gonna skim through it - but I was hooked from beginning to end!
    Was even convinced to play around with some codes!

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