The Visual Studio Documentary: Jason Zander Full Length Interview

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The Visual Studio Documentary Part One and

Part Two

S. Somasegar's Full Length Interview 

Jason Zander is the General Manager for the Visual Studio Team here at Microsoft.  He was an enormous asset to The Visual Studio Documentary

Part One
Part Two
.   Here is Jason Zander in his own words from
his blog


I'm the General Manager for the Visual Studio team in the Developer Division at Microsoft, including Visual Studio Pro and Visual Studio Team System. I've been in the Developer Division for a long time (back to ODBC).  I was lucky to be one of a
small handful of folks who started working on what would become the CLR back in '97.  I worked primarily on the metadata, file formats, and compiler integration.  I was the first dev lead for those features as well as the debugger/profiler.  I was the Development
Manager for V1.1 and the first part of V2.0, and ultimately became the PUM of the team before taking the GM role first in .NET and then for Visual Studio. 

I love writing code!  And it is an amazing opportunity to work on a team where dogfooding my product requires means writing code.  Please enjoy the .NET Framework and Visual Studio and make sure to send us your feedback!




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The Discussion

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    The constant zooming and camera work is very irritating.

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    The audio level is very low for this video. Running Silverlight 3.0.40818.0 on Win 7 RTM. The volume indicator in the Windows Volume Mixer barely moves beyond 5% when volume is fully cranked up in the Silverlight player and for IE in the Volume Mixer.

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    Hey Now JZ,


         Nice Vid!


    Thx 4 the info,



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