The Visual Studio Documentary: Jeff Hadfield Full Length Interview

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The Visual Studio Documentary Part One and Part Two.
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Jeff has worked with personal computers since the late seventies, when he learned to program BASIC on an Apple II (not an Apple II Plus, mind you). Since then, he’s learned Pascal, Fortran and VB/VB.NET – all of which have been enough to show him that he’s not a born developer, but he can play one on TV, so to speak. He's working to make The Code Project even more valuable to community members and help bring new services online to make The Code Project even better.

Jeff has worked with developers and developer communities for over a decade.

All things considered, he'd rather be cycling.



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    I've been in computers for some time as well. I learned to code on a Dec Vax system. Back then I coded in Basic, Cobol, some Assembly and a little Pascal. I am trying to make the transition from these procedural languages into the Object oriented, event driven, world of windows and the internet. I was wondering what helped you the most moving from the procedural to Visual Studio. I still have problems with the coding with dot notation. I also struggle with the idea of objects and inheritance. I also struggle with the role that framework plays in a visual studio application. Do you have any suggestions that may help me make the transistion?

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