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The Visual Studio Documentary: Part One (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

31 minutes, 11 seconds


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Welcome to the first installment of the Visual Studio Documentary.This is an hour long documentary that is split into two parts, roughly a half hour each. Welcome to part one, where we take you back to the days of MS-DOS and Alan Cooper who originally sold Visual Basic to Bill Gates back in 1988.  Next week we will feature Part Two but for those that would like to watch it sooner, here is Part Two. In addition, each week we will post a longer and more in-depth stand alone interview from the interviewees that were featured in the documentary.

Not only did we sift through hundreds of videos and assets but we sat down for an intimate conversation with those that were there since the very beginning:

Scott Guthrie, Dan Fernandez, Jason Zander, Tim Huckaby
S. Somasegar, Dave Mendlen, Dee Dee Walsh, Mardi Brekke, Jeff Hadfield, Alan Cooper, Anders Hejlsberg, and Tony Goodhew

Part One dives into MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0, Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Interdev, FoxPro, Visual Studio 97, ASP.NET and the early days of Microsoft's Dev community. 

We hope you enjoy! 


Products and Milestones

1975 – Bill Gates and Paul Allen write a version of Basic for Altair 8080

1982 – IBM releases BASCOM 1.0 (developed by Microsoft)

1983 – Microsoft Basic Compiler System v5.35 for MS-DOS release

1984 - Microsoft Basic Compiler System v5.36 release

1985 – Microsoft QuickBASIC 1.0

1986 – Microsoft QuickBASIC 1.01, 1.02, 2.00

1987 – Microsoft QuickBASIC 2.01, 3.00, 4.00

1987 – Microsoft BASIC 6.0

1988 – Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.00, 4.00b, 4.50

1989 – Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System 7.0

1990 - Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System 7.1

1991 – Microsoft Visual Basic released May 20-Windows World Convention –Atlanta

1992 – Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0

1993 – Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 in Standard and Professional versions

1995 – Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 released, supported the new Windows 95

1997 – Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 – introduction of IntelliSense

1998 – Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 that included Visual Basic 6.0 released (first VS)

2002 – Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 7.0

2002 – Visual Studio .NET

2003 – Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 7.1

2003 – Microsoft Visual Studio w/Intellisense

2003 – Visual Studio .NET

2004 – Announce Visual Studios 2005 – Code name Whidbey

2005 – Visual Studio 2005 release w/Extensibility

2005 – Visual Studio Express released

2006 - Expression Tool Set released - devs and designers work together

2006 – Visual Studio Team release – November 30th

2007 – Visual Studio 2008 (code name Orcas) ships November = Video Studio Shell

2010 - Visual Studios (code name Rosario)


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  • Very nice I liked alot! Keep the rest coming Smiley


  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    seriously this documentary easily outclasses alot of stuff thats shown on the discovery channel (probobly with many times the budget)


    informative, great pacing, funny.

    Excelent work tina+team Smiley

  • "in a couple of weeks"? Be still my beating heart Smiley

  • PerfectPhasePerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman

    Yes indeed, and with the comments in the scottGu video, it can't be long at all!!

  • This is AWESOME!  The Channel 9 crew has really been stepping it up lately with the quality of its video content.  I thought I was addicted before!  You are all doing an amazing job, really loved the hardware labs videos too.  Keep up the great work!

  • Very long time for a greatest product in the world, I like MS' history Smiley

  • ZeoZeo Channel 9 :)

    One Word: INCREDIBLE!





  • No audio at my end Sad

  • I downloaded WMV and there is no audio.

  • Please ignore my last comment. I was using VLC media player to watch the video.Windows Media Playeer can play video correclty.

  • ivan_ivan_ g

    No audio for me. Other channel9 videos have audio.

  • figuerresfiguerres ???

    Yes the things i have read point to a VS 2010 update / beta coming out very soon... pobably right after the WIndows 7 launch on the 21st is my guess. 

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    I downloaded the WMV and there is sound. Can you supply more details of what format you're downloading and what player you're playing it in?


  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Incredible job, Tina. I really enjoyed this and the quality, style, flow, story are all impressive. I think we have a new media format on Channel 9. Looking forward to more documentaries of this caliber.


    Thank you,



    Brilliant !


    Visual Studio since its 6.0 release has been an important piece of software in my life and to see a well-done documentary about it is just brilliant.



  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    High quality stuff, both production and content! Smiley

  • Dave Williamsondavewill here birdie birdie, get in my belly!

    Just using the default IE 8 web browser with silverlight is not playing sound.  WMV high in windows media player does have sound.

  • Brilliant, wow!!!  Great video production... and my favorite line "winning and bitching..."  I still use VS6 today.  I learned pointers with it, and came to love the debugger.  For all the complaining we do as a community, thanks for making such a wonderful tool, despite its shortcomings Smiley

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    That was great, thanks!

  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!

    Great video, can't wait for the next one and the ones after, I like jow you focused on one application from Microsoft, it would be cool if the same could be done for Windows, Office and Xbox.


    Great stuff......  I watched this on my TV using Windows 7 PlayTo Feature.  Smiley 

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    Right on! That's an awesome feature! Smiley

  • I sill have my BASCOM 1.0 manual Smiley


    And Visual Basic for DOS is missing in the overview...



  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    I've verified that there is an audio track in all file formats. Not sure what the problem could be.


    No audio here either!

  • I played them all as well and have audio.  Hmmm, I have no idea what the problem can be. 

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    For those with no sound, can you tell us where you are located geographically? Just send mail to us with this info. ctorre at microsoft dot com


  • Brilliant!


    Keep it comming, this is - like the history of MS - a very informative and well put together series.


    From a programmer who's been coding in the DOS days thru windows 3.x, down to now - this is very enjoyable to watch.


    Thanks very much.

  • DouglasHDouglasH Just Causual

    Hmm, wondering why the timeline leaves out the History of C  and other programming langauages that eventually led to Visual Studio.


    While Basic did basically make Microsoft,.  C, C++,  0.Fortran, Foxpro, etc played roles in that timeline. 


    I think My first programming language package I bought was Quick C.  Did get some of the early Microsoft Foxpro, both dos and windows version.


    BTW Excellent video looking forward to the full interviews.  brings back some fond and not so fond memories.



  • Scott “Um.. Ah..” Guthrie wrote a mock-up of Visual Studio in a weekend! Never mind Lake Bill; the campus needs a Fountain Scott!

  • two words: NO AUDIO !


    downloaded the wmv and it has audio, but this seems to be pretty common on C9 videos these days.

  • rhmrhm

    wow, 20Kb/s download.


    I wonder if you've ever considered just uploading the videos to youtube. I've heard they know how to stream video.

  • ...that was my line... you'd love the stuff they edited out of there....  Smiley

  • Tim, you had some fantastic one liners and stories.  Which is exactly why your interview in full will be airing in two weeks. 

  • El video no tiene sonido, ponganse media pila...

    A tina la parto como un queso....


    Big Smile

  • Pradeeppradeeptp pradeeptp



    I am unable to hear the sound when this video plays in silverlight. I have the latest silverlight plugin installed. Only the video plays fine. 


    Update: It seems that only a few silverlight video has got this problem. For eg. I have no problem with this video (http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/matthijs/Scott-Guthrie-Visual-Studio-2010-and-NET-Framework-40/).  Everything is fine with this video.


    I am using IE 8.0 to access this video from India.

  • Sorin DolhaSorinD Sorin Dolha

    Really nice! I couldn't help and watched part 2 already, sorry! Wink

  • I have no audio, either.

  • Hi,

    I've seen the first part of this Visual Studio history videos and there are interesting things in it, but there is much more to history - people talk there like they act in a sealed vacuum without Java, Unix, Linux, Mac, Google and many other companies and products all influent Microsoft and Visual Studio.

    If you make history film, make it on how history was, not how you wanted it to be.


    Microsoft was the first one to create developers community? are you kidding me?

    Also where does COM disappear? it is, till this very day, one of the most fundamental technologies that all of Microsoft product really on, .NET 4.0 has new features specifically for COM interop.


    Thank you,


  • Fábio dos Santos Francofrancofs Fábio

    No audio here either

  • Awesome video!  Great work on the production.  I'm looking forward to the full interviews.


    Let's see ... 11 interviews, one per week takes us up to right before Christmas.  That would be a perfect lead-in to a year-end product launch (not likely, but ...)


  • Wow! Love that!

  • Very, very, very slow download ...... Sad

  • bitter21bitter21 ghost in the shell

    Awesome, keep em coming. Scott Gu is the man!

  • Very nice.  Make more.

  • Is it just me or Alan Cooper is annoying?

  • Angel Riveraarivera Angel

    Brings back some great memories.

    This is the type of inspiration we need during these difficult economic times. Let’s make America great again.


  • nice to see the video

    an old and still needed til now

  • This is an awesome video. Keep it up. I love those history videos about Microsoft

  • PhyxPhyx

    Can you buy these on DVD or something?

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