The Visual Studio Documentary: Part Two (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

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 Welcome to the Visual Studio Documentary. This is an hour long documentary that is split into two parts. Roughly a half hour each. Welcome to part two, where we dive straight into life at Microsoft during the Java Lawsuit.  Here is Part One in case you missed it.  Next week we will begin to publish each interviewee's full length interview for an even deeper look. 

Not only did we sift through hundreds of videos and assets but we sat down for an intimate conversation with those that were there since the very beginning and those that are taking us into the future. 

Scott Guthrie, Dan Fernandez, Jason Zander, Tim Huckaby
S. Somasegar, Dave Mendlen, Dee Dee Walsh, Mardi Brekke, Jeff Hadfield, Alan Cooper, Anders Hejlsberg, and Tony Goodhew

We hope you enjoy!



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The Discussion

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    i so could not wait a week to watch part two of this Smiley

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    Used to say: "In celebration of the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 release in a couple of weeks we found this to be the perfect opportunity to tell you the story behind the making of Visual Studio with the Visual Studio Documentary"where it now says just a welcome line.


    So VS2010 beta 2 is coming soon -- sweet!

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    No sound on this one either for me. Tried other new vids and they're fine. Charlie baby, what;'s up?

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    Jim Lynn

    Me too - on one PC (running XP) I get no sound on this or part One. At home, on a Win7 PC sound played fine on part One. Very curious.

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    are you guys using media player? if so, what version? sound works for me on win7 rtm (pt1 and 2)

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    I have no idea what's going on with no sound. I can't repro (but of course, I am not using XP...). Can you confirm that you are using SL3 on XPSP2/3?


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    Audio was really low I had to turn my speakers to 100 percent to get a low sound.  that would normally blast me out of the room in other vids. 

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    No sound here either. XP SP3 using SL3 and the download has no sound as well on WMP 11.

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    No sound here.

    Windows XP SP3, SL3 and WMP 11

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    Great look back in time. Really pumps you up to go code.

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    great stuff, sound - vista home premium x64 and the sound is normal.


    funny i wish i knew who it was but ...


    just before VS and .net came out i was using visual interdev to write some web stuff.

    i was not happy with some of the crazy plumbing it used and was asking about how to make chnages to it.

    i was asking in a microsoft news group or to an email address ....  and i got this reply that was cryiptic but amazing.

    it was kind of like:


    "don't waste time on that code, we are going to replace it with better stuff."

    not the exact words but something like that....

    and then i got an early beta of VS.Net and the world chnaged.


    i had just writen an xml based "form engine" using classic asp.


    that was the last classic asp code i ever wrote.


    and the thing about Java - I have always held that part of what created .Net was the Sun/Java thing....

    funny how Sun basicly created the best runtime by pissing on some folks at Microsoft!


    I wonder in some alternate universe what would have happened if Sun has embraced J++ and not Sued?


    Not sure i would want to be in that alternate timeline but i just wonder what things would look like today if that had happened?

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    THANKS! for the the Express Editions! For me personally, it got me into programming and I did not study CS in college.

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    Dan Fernandez is Mr. Express. Thanks, Dan!


    PS: Sound -> We have isolated the problem and have fixed our encoding process to not break Silverlight 3 player on XP... We were not aware of audio issues in WMP as well on these XP systems. Can you confirm?


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    When I started it was at home with a VIC-20 and 3k of ram.


    by the time i took a class i was doing assembly, C and Basic all learned on my own.


    before VS I used QuickC V1.00 to 2.51

    and MS C 6.0 on DOS

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    Wonderful stuff. The Visual Studio Documentary and Erik's new Functional Programming Lecture series are two of the best things to hit C9 so far this year. Of course I couldn't help noticing towards the end of part two of the documentary the statement is made about  "shipping at the end of the year" - that would be a awesome Christmas present - not to mention making a lot of sense when it comes to riding the public Windows 7 launch wave. Crossing all manner of fingers and toes Smiley

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    No Audio, please fix.

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    very interesting, and with sound, it woul even be MORE interesting!

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    it's not going the good direction folks, now I even got no image: "media failure, try to reload the page or visiting the site for assistance"

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    There is a problem downloading WMV file (not the high quality one, that is fine).


    I think it's removed:


    The requested URL /ch9/3/4/8/9/8/4/VisualStudioDocumentaryPartTwoAudioFinal_ch9.wmv was not found on this server.




    hmm... works fine if i use a proxy (US ip).

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    This was great. I look forward to some of the complete interviews. Thanks!

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    Definitely interesting and informative! Personally didn't like the wobbly camera and fast cutting, but I think that's more just a US TV thing, UK documentaries tend to be a bit more.. stable. Wink

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    Ahhh. The VIC-20 and the 6502...memories...3KB, but memories none the less.


    I impressed my school mates @ Mergenthaler VoTech in Baltimore, MD with a running stick man. I created a character bitmap, found out how to use the joystick and calculate coordinates for direction changes, and I added sound affects.  If you pressed the fire button the character would jump.


    That was back in 1982 or 1983.  Since then I've been an occassional programmer...when someone wanted to automate something usually.


    Parts 1 & 2 were great.  More videos to come, yes?

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    Dave Smith

    Works fine for me... Got sound and video... Ubuntu 9.04 Smiley

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    Great video - thank you for making it available.

    I found the absense of some topics amusing: Visual Source Safe, Borland, anything from Borland, etc.


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