The Visual Studio Documentary: S. Somasegar Full Length Interview

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S. Somasegar made an enormous impact in The Visual Studio Documentary and talks deeply and passionately about the future of Visual Studio. He dives into the features, direction and tools.  He gets into productivity, team systems, IDE and the brand new shell, code focused productivity and enhancements, test driven development, VB, C#, functional programming, F#, C++, Java Script and so much more.  This video is his full video from The Visual Studio Documentary

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Part Two:  The Visual Studio Documentary

S. Somasegar is also an avid blogger

S. Somasegar is the senior vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, S. Somasegar leads the teams responsible for providing tools and developer platform technologies targeted at developers, designers and teams involved in software development. This includes the Microsoft .NET developer platform that provides a consistent programming model spanning client, Web, server, device and services platform, Silverlight, the Visual Studio family of products, and Expression Studio.

Somasegar is also responsible for the Web server platform including Internet Information Services (IIS), Media Server and Commerce Server. His team also owns MSDN and TechNet online properties to enable a deep connection with the developer and IT professional audience.

In addition, Somasegar oversees the Microsoft India Development Center (IDC) in Hyderabad, India, and the Microsoft Canada Development Center (MCDC) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Somasegar joined Microsoft in 1989, and worked on eight different operating system releases before heading up the Developer Division.



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The Discussion

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    great VS2010 !

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    Seems to be very interesting. How about subtitles for those who are unfamiliar with Indian accent? I'm not a native English speaker, thus I'm having a hard time to understand. I'm very interested to know what Mr. Somasegar have to say! 

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    "o" -> a/e, "d" -> t, "b" -> p Other than those in few words it sounds perfectly alright english to me, far from hard to understand.

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    Really like the individual segments. Thanks for posting these, Tina!


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    I enjoyed Soma's Madden moment (15:58). "Wouldn't it be nice if you could go to a browser, click on a URL and - BOOM! - there's a developer environment where you can start right then and there."


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    Great interview Tina! I think I enjoyed the section about working with young developers, the professional developers of tomorrow. That's something I want to do more myself over the next 15 years of my career as a developer - haven't figured out how yet. I really appreciate the energy and passion Soma's brings to Dev Div.

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    Yeah, you're right androidi, “a hard time” is an exaggeration. It’s just a few words here and there actually. I was just annoyed because I couldn’t understand this or that the first time and had to click the progress bar to go back and listen more carefully... After a while I could understand his rhythm and accent and had no trouble anymore.

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    This idea, introduced around half way through, that visual studio should be optimized to ensure that developers only have to write code that they alone can write is great!  Why should I have to rewrite some implementation of some complicated pattern, when it can be generated in such a way as to mask the details by means of me selecting my intent and having the tool produce the code?


    I love this man!

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