Web API Design: (01) ​Introduction

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    the build in account apis are myths for me...

    It takes me a while to combine these with Microsoft.Identity 2.x.

    But I still not very clear on these propperties or extension functions come with Identity framework, could we have any intro/demo or another series on that part?

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    I'm pretty sure these videos have some of the best content on web api on the web. But I really struggle to watch them what with the guys on the lefts inane babble and dad jokes getting in the road constantly.

    Seriously - just use the guy on the right next time

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    Could somebody slap Christopher Harrison so he can shut up and let us learn

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    I agree with Simon. The guy on the left is trying WAYYYYYY too hard to be some 20-something hipster "web developer" (wooooo!!!!) and it just doesn't work. The hair is a nice try, but that doesn't sell it either.

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    My problem with this one is that there is no building. You jump right in without actually explaining the framework and architecture behind Web Api ... I heard repeatedly, "viola" and "magic" in reference to how Web Api works ... but no building blocks behind the actual framework. For instance, explaining why WebApi is so closely tied with MVC architecture, or the reasoning behind Web Api as opposed to WCF or RESTful services ... and the "promotion" of HTTP as a first class citizen in Web Api.

    We shall see how the rest of the series goes ... but right now it feels a little discombobulated and sporadic with no main focus.

    As for their personalities ... for those of you who have watched many of these series ... let them be. First, you get used to them. Second, this is a massive benefit that almost no other provider offers ... just enjoy the immense amount of help you are getting for free ... or buy a book and learn it that way. As my 5 year old would say, you get what you get and don't throw a fit.

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    There seems to be too much chaotic energy from the coordinator that is overwhelming the presenter and spoiling an otherwise outstanding presentation.


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    Christopher Hanson adds nothing to this presentation.

    I am fighting the urge to close this out and look elsewhere.

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