Web API Design: (02) Basic Design

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    Answered a few questions from Part 1 ... but still have not shown much in terms of building and the .NET Infrastructure of Web Api. Went over the "content" of what a RESTful Web Api can provide by going to existing sites that provide them to show all the details they give back ... but have yet to show HOW .Net Web Api does it, as you have shown and produced almost no code to this point. You have not shown how Microsoft delivers this in anyway. Thu far I have found that the first two demos have been a lot of philosophical rambling with very little demonstration or action taken around Web Api. Still waiting holding my breath for more substance.

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    there are so much nonsense, please make it shorter and sweater. A good speaker like Steven Sanderson, henselman, Scott Guthrie.

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    john mann

    Jeremy explains really well but Chris Harrison brings little value and interrupts the session with redundant and sometimes wrong perspectives

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