Webday WP7 Preconf: Windows Phone 7 Application & Game platform - Silverlight & XNA

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This session, led by Arne Janning and Giuseppe Maggiore, will introduce you in detail on the Windows Phone 7 Application platform (Silverlight) and Game platform (XNA). We'll cover both these platforms at an introductory level, and the session will be divided in two parts:

  • Silverlight platform (30 minutes): this part of the session will approach the Application Development Framework for Windows Phone 7, based on Silverlight. We'll cover topics such as the Hardware Foundation of the platform, Common Platform Capabilities (Input, Media, Data, .NET, Phone Access, Sensors, Integration with Cloud Services, Notification), Metro UI Design Principles and an introduction to the very own Development Process (VS 2010, Expression Blend, Emulator, Device, Packaging & Verification Tools, Marketplace), as well as a demo that will consolidate all the topics presented.
  • XNA platform (30 minutes): in this part of the session we will cover a general view of what you can do with XNA 4.0. We will discuss how we can create games and general purpose multimedia applications for Windows, the XBox 360 and Windows Phone 7. We will see how we can manage the contents and assets of an application, how we can create an empty application, how we can draw sprites and models on screen and how we can manage input. At the end of this session you should have seen enough to jump right into coding your first XNA game!


*this video was recorded on Webday's WP7 Pre-conference Seminar, that took place on October 2010 in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.




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